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A Week Without Electronics

Give up electronics for a week. Can you do it?This week without electronics was very uplifting. I actually found myself to have more energy as I spent less time in the chair and more time doing things. I played tons of board games, read more often, and my house hasnít been this clean in a while. The third day was the hardest as I had nothing to do when I came home from work and no one else was home yet. I was tired and wanted so bad to sit on the couch and watch tv. Thatís when I started cleaning and refused to give in to temptations. It got much easier from here. Read More

The Virtual Girlfriend Epidemic

Real love vs. Virtual loveI was recently visiting the app store on my phone looking for a neat anatomy app I read about online. Yes, I am fascinated by anatomy and physiology. What I found however was rather disturbing to me. Apparently there IS an app for everything. The particular app that caught my eye today is a virtual girlfriend named Jenny. I may live a sheltered life but I had no idea these existed. There is a free version or for $1.89 one can have the much fuller version. This particular app only has just over 1,000 downloads but after looking into this further I have found that there is a whole bunch of these apps. There is one where you can control her moves by touching her. This one must be pretty popular as there are over 100,000 downloads. You can actually get a boyfriend or a family also. Iím sorry but Iím getting very creeped out by this. Am I alone here? Read More

The Hyper-Matrix: Theater of the Future

The Hyper-Matrix: Theater of the FutureCan you imagine a movie theater with three walls filled with thousands of pulsating 30cm x 30cm cubes? The Jonpasang team, comprised of Jin-Yo Mok, Sookyun Yang, Earl Park, Jin-Wook Yeo, and Sang-Wook Yu, created the Hyper-Matrix for the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion at the 2012 Yeosu EXPO in Korea. This video is a must see! Read More

Tips on picking the right smart phone

Selection of SmartphonesSmart phones are the latest and greatest thing these days. Almost everyone has one or wants one but there are so many choices. The question on most peopleís mind, is how to pick the right phone. There are many advantages to having a smart phone, whether itís for email, texting, surfing the web or even gaming. The problem is, if you donít pick the right one you may end up stuck with a really expensive phone you hate for at least two years. There are many tips to consider when choosing the right smart phone. Read More