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The Virtual Girlfriend Epidemic

Author: Melissa Lahti

December 29, 2013

Real love vs Virtual love

I was recently visiting the app store on my phone looking for a neat anatomy app I read about online.  Yes, I am fascinated by anatomy and physiology.  What I found however was rather disturbing to me.  Apparently there IS an app for everything. The particular app that caught my eye today is a virtual girlfriend named Jenny. I may live a sheltered life but I had no idea these existed. There is a free version or for $1.89 one can have the much fuller version. This particular app only has just over 1,000 downloads but after looking into this further I have found that there is a whole bunch of these apps.  There is one where you can control her moves by touching her.  This one must be pretty popular as there are over 100,000 downloads.  You can actually get a boyfriend or a family also.  I’m sorry but I’m getting very creeped out by this.  Am I alone here?

The virtual Jenny dances, works out, gets made up, and much more. There are 20 videos in which she wears three different costumes.  According to the app description this is “perfect to show off to your friends to be seen as an alpha male”.  Apparently this is perfect because she is right on your phone and you can keep her in your pocket to pull out at your convenience.  The app even comes complete with music to “get you in the mood” but there are no voices so you will be able to be 100% discrete. I guess this means if you were looking to have a conversation with Jenny you are SOL. But don’t forget how nice it will be to have her in your pocket to pull out whenever you are ready for some interaction.  If it needs to be discrete does that mean there are people looking at this stuff in public? Next time I am on the train and everyone is staring at their phone I won't be able to help but wonder, are they spending time with their virtual “girlfriend/boyfriend/family”?

Is this why it’s so hard to find someone to have a good relationship with these days?  Are all the good men being taken by Jenny or all the women so repulsive that men have to resort to having a virtual relationship with a video that can’t even talk to them? I really don’t understand this. It’s obvious these apps have been created because they are money makers. What is not obvious to me is why people are actually downloading this stuff. It is human nature to need to feel love and affection but are we so desperate yet so afraid of real love and affection that we really have to resort to this. Where is the love and affection here? By seeking attention from an app, a person is only receiving fake attention leaving them unsatisfied and confused. What people need is “reallove and attention which is something this world seriously lacks these days, if you ask me.

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