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A Week Without Electronics

Author: Melissa Lahti ~ January 14, 2014

Week 2 ~ Challenge
This week I have decided to give up all electronics.  This means I am going to put the phone down.  My biggest down fall is messing around on my smartphone.  Whether it’s Candy Crush Saga, Facebook or You Tube, I always seem to gravitate toward my phone every spare second I have.  If I need to talk to someone this week I am actually going to make a phone call and talk to them in person.  With so much time today focused on texting and SnapChating, we don’t even know what anyone sounds like anymore and whether we know it or not, we are missing this type of communication.

I am also going to stay away from the computer.  I will not get on it unless it is 100% necessary for work.  Other than that, it will remain off.

I don’t watch much tv to begin with but at night when I am winding down I usually watch a show or two.  I think I will allow myself two hours for four out of the seven nights to watch either 1 movie or a 2 tv shows.  Who knows, I may get to bed early and actually get enough sleep for once.

Since music is shown to improve moods and actually give energy, I have decided to keep the radio/Pandora.

My main goal in eliminating the distraction of electronics from my life for a week is to be able to actually focus on the people and environment around me.  I feel that too many people these days are too focused on the things going on in the cyber world that they don’t even realize what they have sitting right in front of them.  Now please join me and let’s see what we can accomplish and discover this week!


Give up electronics for a week. Can you do it?

This week without electronics was very uplifting. I actually found myself to have more energy as I spent less time in the chair and more time doing things. I played tons of board games, read more often, and my house hasn’t been this clean in a while. The third day was the hardest as I had nothing to do when I came home from work and no one else was home yet. I was tired and wanted so bad to sit on the couch and watch tv. That’s when I started cleaning and refused to give in to temptations. It got much easier from here.

I really didn’t think I watched very much tv but I found that to be the hardest thing to give up. I don’t even have cable and only strictly watch NetFlix. This may actually make it worse for me as I finish one episode of a show and immediately want to watch the next one. The hardest times for me were when we wanted to sit down as a family to watch an episode or two of a show. This is when I pulled out the board games instead. My youngest daughter learned how to play Uno, Battleship, and Pick-Up-Stix. It was so much fun getting this family time together. I plan on having much more of this in the future.

Another thing I greatly enjoyed with this experience was the few times I went to lunch with different family members and actually enjoyed their company instead of spending the entire time involved with my phone. I also had experience where I was with family members that were on their phone for most of the time we were together and I was able to notice how disconnecting it really is. I will definitely leave my phone in my purse from now on unless it is necessary to pull it out.

The greatest lesson I took from this experience is realizing exactly how much time I actually waste on these mindless time sucking things. I also learned that the look on my daughter’s face after she wins a hand at Uno is priceless and I want to see it more often. I enjoy spending time with my family and actually talking to them about things that are going on in their life rather than the latest facebook gossip. I actually enjoy living in a very clean house and it doesn’t take very long to clean if you do it more often. I really don’t need to spend even half the time on my computer or phone to get things done. I can turn it off more often and only turn it on when necessary. When I get done with the things I need to do I will turn it off again. If the power is off I won’t be so tempted to get back on it.

This experience definitely changed my life for the better and I highly encourage everyone to give it a try!

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