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Chia Gel 1 part chia:9 parts water






Chia Egg Yumminess

Author: Melissa Lahti ~ October 11, 2016

If you like scrambled eggs, you will love this! You can now make your favorite breakfast with a little nutrient punch.

I’m on a mission to try every recipe in my new book so I started with the egg recipe and added a few little tweaks of my own.  The best thing about chia eggs is you can add chia gel to your eggs any way you like to make them.

You will need to begin by making chia gel. Which is so easy, you cannot do it wrong. Mix 1 part chia seeds with 9 parts filtered water.  Filtered water is important because the gelatin that is formed around the seed will enhance any flavor your tap water may have.  Any extra chia gel can then be saved, covered, in the fridge for up to a week.

You will need:

     ~ 1 Egg
     ~ ½ tablespoon butter
     ~ 1 tablespoon milk (cow, almond, rice, ect…)
     ~ 1 teaspoon chia gel

You can easily double/triple, ect… this recipe to fit your needs.

Crack the eggs into a bowl, add milk, and the chia gel.
Place the butter in a pan and heat until just melted. Make sure to not let your pan get too hot or the butter will burn right away.  Keep the heat at about medium. Once melted, add eggs and cook until scrambled.

It’s that easy! 

If you already have a favorite way of making scrambled eggs, just add 1 teaspoon chia gel per egg and enjoy.  This morning I added a little cheese to this recipe and they tasted even better.

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