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The Virtual Girlfriend Epidemic

Real love vs. Virtual loveI was recently visiting the app store on my phone looking for a neat anatomy app I read about online. Yes, I am fascinated by anatomy and physiology. What I found however was rather disturbing to me. Apparently there IS an app for everything. The particular app that caught my eye today is a virtual girlfriend named Jenny. I may live a sheltered life but I had no idea these existed. There is a free version or for $1.89 one can have the much fuller version. This particular app only has just over 1,000 downloads but after looking into this further I have found that there is a whole bunch of these apps. There is one where you can control her moves by touching her. This one must be pretty popular as there are over 100,000 downloads. You can actually get a boyfriend or a family also. I’m sorry but I’m getting very creeped out by this. Am I alone here? Read More

When she cheats

A man coming home from work to find his wife cheating on him.When I think of cheating, I picture a man cheating on his significant other. I am pretty sure this is the case for most of us. In all actuality, women cheat more than we think. It is just a subject less talked about, mainly because men are less emotional about it than women. I recently saw a news story that was talking about the fact that women cheat more than we want to admit. I’m not sure what the 19% is out of but this got me thinking about all my friends. I can easily think of several of my girlfriends that have cheated at least once. That’s just the ones I know about. See More

Having an emotional relationship is cheating

woman textingWe hear so many times a person say; “I wasn’t cheating because we never had sex.” or “We were only friends.” What is happening is that a man or a woman finds a “friend” and as they become closer and closer the spouse gets pushed away. It really is not a good idea to share intimate details of your life with the opposite sex if you are married or in a serious relationship. This will only lead to an emotional relationship that your spouse can not compete with. This friendship will start to fill a void that already existed in the relationship, as all relationships have some holes, and as this void get filled the person will start to feel that their spouse is not good enough and compare them to the friend. “She listens to me and my wife doesn’t” or “my husband is so critical of me and my friend likes me just the way I am.” Once this starts, it is hard to go back and someone is eventually going to end up hurt in the end. Read More