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Your baby May Have Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER)

Is your baby cranky, spitting up, or irritable? They may have Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER)Poor baby, sheís been spitting up constantly. Enough that you have to keep a bib on her just to keep her clothes dry. She wakes up screaming and crying in the middle of the night way too often and seems to be in pain. She doesnít like to eat much and sheís cranky a lot of the time. We know somethingís wrong but what could it be? I donít think we ever actually have all the answers. Luckily babies outgrow most things by the age of two but for now we have to look at the signs and symptoms and try to guess what could be the best possible solution to ďfixĒ this baby. Read More

Hepatitis B Vaccine: Worth it or Not

Baby looking at syringe in disbelief.You're putting that where?How many of us vaccinate our children? Most of us do it without a second thought. We are taught from the beginning that without vaccination we risk killing our children. If we decide not to, we are looked at as if we are the worst parents in the world. When a parent is at the hospital and has just experienced all the emotions of having a baby the nurses suddenly take the baby away to perform all the routine procedures on them. Including giving them their first vaccination, hepatitis B. Most of us never even question what is actually in that vaccination or why they are actually receiving it. We do it because it is the norm. Forget about the papers that come with the vaccinations explaining the complications and consequences of the baby receiving these shots. They hand these papers to us and say donít worry there is no chance any of this will ever happen to your baby but sign here just in case it does. How many of us have actually read the papers that come with the vaccinations? I personally read quickly through them without paying much attention because I knew it was ďa mustĒ for my baby. But is it? Why do we trust someone we donít even know? Read More

Baby Nutrition Basics

If only babies came with nutrition labelsOne of the main things, as parents, we stress about from day one of our childís life is Nutrition. Is our child getting enough of the values they need from the foods they are eating? We take our babies to the doctor for regular checkups and make sure they get their shots on time but what is it they should be eating to be healthy? Unfortunately our children donít come with a digital monitor on their forehead to tell us if they are low on a vital nutrient. Because of this, we must make sure our children are getting a variety of nutrients in their diet daily. Read More

There's Nothing Like the Love of a Daddy

Nothing Can Compare to the love of a Daddy!One of the greatest things a little girl can have and should never have to go without is a daddy. The love and bond between a father and daughter is indescribable. One of the first things a little girl sees when she is born is her daddy. She savors that special touch as those strong hands pick her up so gently. Her first pleasure is the warmth and love as his loving arms wrap softly around her, and the sweet smell of him as her cheek snuggles softly against his chest. She can feel the love in his lips as they gently press against her forehead. Through all of this the love for her daddy begins to grow from day one. Read More

Parents do not babysit their children

A parent should be willing to spend as much time with their child as it takes to raise them properly.As a woman I am going to write this article from a womanís perspective but really it can go both ways because when two people make a baby it is the responsibility of both parents to raise the child. Unfortunately, it doesnít always work that way. Any woman, who has a child, has a man in her life that helped her create that child. Raising that child together unfortunately, is always an option for either parent. See More

The not so joys of breast feeding

Breast feeding babyI was talking to one of my friends today about breast feeding. She doesnít have any kids so I was telling her that after breast feeding four kids you might as well just kiss your boobs good bye. Donít get me wrong, if I had to do it all over again I would still breast feed all of my children. Breast milk is best and there have been many studies done to prove one reason after another why breast feeding is so important. But letís face it ladies, breast feeding is no joy ride. Read More

How I found out about my baby's Milk Protein Allergy

baby with milk protein allergyWhen my daughter was a few months old I was worried because she had a rash all over her body all the time and was always spitting up after she ate, sometimes even projectile vomiting. With symptoms very similar to reflux, I still thought it must be something different because of the rash. She was a very fussy baby and needed some type of relief. We didnít have any health insurance so going to the doctor was kept at a minimum. We were only able to take her when she needed to be getting her shots or was very sick. Read More

My baby got sick from too much formula and water

My baby got sick from too much formula and waterAfter having my fourth child and breastfeeding them all, this was going to be the first child I was going to leave home to go to work. I bought a really nice breast pump and was all ready to go. When she was 6 weeks old I returned to work and continued to breastfeed at home and pump while at work. She was doing well with this and I was going to start introducing her to a little formula just to substitute when I didnít have time to pump. When she was about 5 months old, her father and I decided it was time for a date. Read More

Every mother deserves to be queen for one day

Mother's Day flowersMotherís Day is supposed to be a very special day for all women who have ever given birth to or raised a child. If you are reading this, you have a mother and if you are fortunate enough to still have your mother with you than it is your duty to do whatever you can to let her know you love her and honor her on Motherís Day. I have heard many people say they donít celebrate Motherís Day because, like Valentineís Day, itís just another way for America to get people to spend money. That is probably true but, since pretty much forever, mothers have been honored on one specific day just so they are sure to know they are appreciated and loved. It is a day of honor and does not have to be about the money. If a Mother does not feel special or loved on Motherís day, she will fell neglected and sad even if she pretends it didnít bother her that you didnít call or send her a card. Read More

Ear Infection or Teething?

Babies pull on their ear, thatís a fact. As they grow they are continuously learning new things about their bodies. They poke their noses. They poke their eyes. They explore and poke around everywhere as they are constantly learning new things. It becomes a problem though when you see them continuously pulling and poking at their ears. How do we know if itís infected or not? You find yourself wondering, is this baby of mine in pain? Since babies canít talk we often have to guess, which can be a very aggravating process. Read More

Diaper Rash and How To Prevent It

To prevent diaper rash you should change diapers often. Rinse the babyís bottom with water as much as possible. Pat your baby dry with a clean towel, never rub the skin. Make sure you are not using diapers or clothes that are too small. You want to have plenty of airflow into the diaper. The number one enemy to diaper rash is air. Let your baby run naked as much as possible. If your baby is often rashy use a thin layer of ointment or powder with every diaper change to seal out the wetness. Finally, make sure you wash your hands before and after every diaper change. Read More