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About 65% of remarriages involve children from a prior marriage. Therefore, 1 out of every 3 Americans is now a stepparent, a stepchild, a stepsibling, or some other member of a stepfamily.

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“Fathers can become fathers at times by accident.  This is never true of a stepfather.  Each stepfather has made the deliberate choice to not only be a father, but to accept a role vacated – for whatever reason – by someone else.  You chose to have me in your life, and while not every day will you be greeted with a time formally set aside to thank you, it is never far from my mind.”
~ Joshua

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Ideas to spoil dad on Father's Day include:

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father reading to his son

Too Many Fathers for Father's Day

Author: Melissa Lahti

June 16, 2013

Too many Fathers? How did you spend your Father's Day? Holidays such as Father’s Day can be stressful for some women.  Most of us enjoy spending time with the fathers in our lives on this special day and it’s in our nature to try to make this day as unforgettable as we can for the one’s we love. Women are naturally hopeless romantics and love having the chance to do for a man what we only wish they would do for us. Starting with breakfast in bed and spending the rest of the entire day doing whatever dad wants to do, since it’s his day. But what is a woman to do if she has the problem of having too many dads?

With divorce rates so high and many people getting remarried these days, there are many women out there that have a dad, a step-dad and then a husband to top it all off. So who then do we choose to spend the day with and who gets to be treated like a king for the day?

There are many options I guess. One thing you could do is have breakfast with one dad and then dinner with the other, while dragging your husband along for the ride and praising him at the same time.

You could give your husband breakfast in bed and then drag him along for lunch with the father and dinner with the step-father.

Unfortunately for some of us, our father dissapeared years ago and never talks to us. Although this is traggic, it actually helps with this delima as you would never have to acknowledge father’s day for them. Good thing some dads are so willing to help out with this problem.

Leave some comments and tell us what you did for Father’s day and how you were able to solve this problem of having too many dads. Maybe you were one of the lucky ones that got to grow up with one mother and father. How did you celebrate?

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