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Zac Efron

Zachary David Alexander “Zac” Efron (born October 18, 1987) is an American actor and singer. He began acting professionally in the early 2000’s and became known with his lead roles in the Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical (2006), the WB series Summerland, and the Broadway musical Hairspray (2007). Since then he has starred in the films 17 Again (2009), Me and Orson Welles (2008), Charlie St. Cloud (2010), New Year’s Eve (2011), and The Lucky One (2012). In 2007 he was declared by Rolling Stone as the “poster boy for tweenyboppers”. In August 2006 he won a Teen Choice Award and he was named one of People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People in 2007. He was declared second on People's Most Beautiful list in 2011.

Taylor Schilling

While she attempted to break into the real world of acting, Schilling supported herself by working as a nanny for a Manhattan-based family. Eventually, her relentless auditioning paid off when she landed a supporting role in the 2007 indie film Dark Matter. Schilling really got her chance to shine when she was picked to headline the 2009 NBC medical drama Mercy. Prior to this experience, Schilling had only one screen credit to her name. Taylor won the Emerson College Playwright's Festival Outstanding Performance Award. She portrayed Dagny Taggart in Atlas Shrugged, the 2011 film adaptation of Ayn Rand's novel of the same name. Schilling also recently played the female lead opposite Zac Efron in The Lucky One (2012).

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April 21, 2012

The Lucky One (2012) - Review
If you love romance novels, you will love this movie. There were a few things in this movie that were a little unbelievable. Like the fact that a man who had been touring in Iraq can find a picture of a woman and then walk from Colorado to Indiana to find her without a single clue. I would think he would at least need to know her first name. But of course he did manage to find her and fall in love with her. It was a little predictable for my taste, but I do love a good classic love story and this one was good. I didn't actually lose a tear but I was on the verge of tears many times. Mostly because Zac Efron was kissing Taylor instead of me but I guess we can't have it all. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is a sucker for a good sappy love story.