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Binge Drinking: A Health Risk Plagueing American Youth

Author: Mel Graham ~ August 5, 2015

For millions of people around the world, having a drink or two on the weekend is one of life’s small pleasures yet booze can quickly become a problem when we overindulge. Statistics show that not only are more Americans drinking, they are also consuming more copious amounts of alcohol and our health is paying too high a price for having a good time. Did you know that binge drinking has been related to a host of health issues, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, liver disease and STDs? When we lose control, we can also indulge in reckless behavior, which can increase our chances of contracting particular diseases or suffering from accidents, which can result in injury or even death for ourselves and third parties. Drinking can hamper the future of your youth, by affecting cognitive abilities and memory. If you associate having a good time with getting wasted, then the following article on binge drinking will provide food for thought. Find out if the amount you consume amounts to bingeing. If you honestly find it difficult to cut down, consider getting professional help. It is possible to enjoy alcohol in a healthy manner, without paying consequences which are greater than anybody should have to pay.

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