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Dude, your breath stinks!

Author: Melissa Lahti

November 20, 2013

Dude, your breath stinks!

Have you ever been talking to someone and their breath smells so bad? You actually could smell it from across the room and caught yourself wincing as you noticed them starting to make their way toward you. Have you ever had your own breath smell so bad you can smell it yourself?  I’m pretty sure my 16 year old sister is the only one bold enough to tell me “your breath reeks”. I wonder how many times I have been talking to someone and they can’t wait to get away because, let’s face it, my breath smells sometimes too.

How are we supposed to know our breath smells bad if we can’t smell it ourselves and its bad manners for someone else to tell us? I came across this pretty entertaining video. I’m pretty sure it’s actually an advertisement for their product but anyhow it is full of great information.

Apparently there is actually a phobia to having bad breath called Halitophobia.  You mean I’m not the only one scared of this? Seriously, some of these people actually will brush their teeth up to ten times a day because they are so worried about their breath. Have you ever ridden in a car with someone who badly needs to brush their teeth? Man, would someone please roll down the window? Wait.  It’s raining? Good thing I needed a shower!

The man in this video says that if you really want to know if your own breath stinks; take a spoon, stick it down your throat and scrape the back of your tongue, let it dry, and then smell it. If it stinks, your breath stinks. Yeah, because I always carry a spoon around in my pocket, right? The best way I have found to tell if your breath stinks is to lick the back of your hand, let it dry, and smell.  Does it stink? If so, grab the nearest gum, breath mint, tooth brush, or anything. Just take care of it. Quick!

“90% of bad breath comes from residue on your tongue.” Did you know that if you brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth, you will have less incidence of bad breath? Also swishing with salt water will help to kill the bacteria living in your mouth. Bad breath is all about the bacteria. Bacteria stinks!

Then comes the Orabrush.  He whips it out, sticks it down his throat and viola! his breath is fresh. Apparently tooth brushes don’t work for this type of thing. But if you act fast your first Orabrush is free. Oops, I missed the boat on this one. But anyway, thanks for the great advice Orabrush man! Nice goggles!

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