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Feasts celebrating mothers have existed throughout the world since the beginning of time. The modern version of Mother's Day in the United States, was first observed in 1907.

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God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. ~ Rudyard Kipling

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Men, this is the time for the mother of your children to feel like a queen. Take the time to plan with your children a way to make the day special for her. From breakfast in bed to queen for the day, this should be the day of all days where she knows just how much you love her.

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Every mother deserves to be queen for one day

Author: Melissa Lahti

May 4, 2012

Mother's Day flowers

Motherís Day is supposed to be a very special day for all women who have ever given birth to or raised a child. If you are reading this, you have a mother and if you are fortunate enough to still have your mother with you than it is your duty to do whatever you can to let her know you love her and honor her on Motherís Day. I have heard many people say they donít celebrate Motherís Day because, like Valentineís Day, itís just another way for America to get people to spend money. That is probably true but, since pretty much forever, mothers have been honored on one specific day just so they are sure to know they are appreciated and loved. It is a day of honor and does not have to be about the money. If a Mother does not feel special or loved on Motherís day, she will fell neglected and sad even if she pretends it didnít bother her that you didnít call or send her a card.

Motherís Day is just around the corner and plans should be in the making. If you are running short on money, make sure you at least give her a call. Every mother needs to talk to her children on Motherís Day. Another great gift every mother loves is a homemade card. Homemade cards always mean more than a card from the store that may have only taken seconds to pick out. Unless youíre one of those people that spend hours picking out just the right card, making one will be way more special. Even if your mom is 90.

If you are a man with a wife and children, it is your job to make her day special. Here are some tips on exactly how to do that. Start by making sure you talk to your kids about what they want to do for her. If they are little kids, you need to take them shopping and help them pick out a gift, help them make or buy a card for her, cook her breakfast and dinner, ectÖ If your kids are teenagers, they are perfectly capable of getting gifts and planning things on their own. Although it is the fatherís responsibility to make sure they are getting things planned and helping them out with money if they need it.

Comfy pajamas for Mother's DayThe night before Motherís Day, give her a gift from the whole family. Comfy pajamas are what itís all about. She will need a very special pair of these because she will be spending most of the day wearing them.

Mother's Day breakfast in bedAfter her night of perfect sleep in her new pajamas. She will love to wake up to her family serving her breakfast in bed. Every woman dreams about this happening to her at least once in her life.

Watching tv with husband on Mother's DayAfter she eats and you clean up all the dishes for her, give her the remote. There needs to be at least one day a year when she is allowed to watch whatever she wants on TV. Lying in bed or on the couch for a few hours with no distractions will be heaven for a busy lady that is always on the go.

Mother's Day pinicOnce she feels like getting up, a nice picnic in the park would be great. Make a simple lunch that will be easy to eat, enjoy and clean up. Since you will be doing all the work, you want to make it easy on yourself.

Mother's Day coffeeAfter lunch, she may want to walk around the park for a while. When she is ready to go she may want to head to a local coffee shop for her favorite drink and relaxation.

Mother's Day dinnerThe perfect ending to a perfect day will be when you take her to her favorite restaurant for dinner.

After a day like that filled with many memories and togetherness, your wife/mother will definitely feel honored and loved. She will feel so special that for the rest of the year she wonít mind doing all the things she does for the entire family. A mother truly is a special woman. Letís make her feel that way and make her Queen for the Day.