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Scott Haltzman, MD, a clinical professor at Brown University and author of The Secrets of Happy Married Men says cheating is not all about sex. Cheating can occur on an emotional level without any sexual contact. Friendship becomes emotional infidelity when there is an emotional intimacy, sexual tension and is kept secret or outside the marriage.

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“Is there a cure for a broken heart? Only time can heal your broken heart, just as time can heal his broken arms and legs.” – Miss Piggy

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If you feel your spouse may be cheating, there are many different ways you can keep track and find out if they have suspicious behavior or not. But please keep in mind that all these things hurt a relationship and if there is no trust in the first place its probably better to just end the relationship all together and find someone who makes you happy and is trust worthy.

emotional cheating

Having an emotional relationship is cheating

Author: Melissa Lahti

April 19, 2012

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We hear so many times a person say; “I wasn’t cheating because we never had sex.” or “We were only friends.” What is happening is that a man or a woman finds a “friend” and as they become closer and closer the spouse gets pushed away. It really is not a good idea to share intimate details of your life with the opposite sex if you are married or in a serious relationship. This will only lead to an emotional relationship that your spouse can not compete with. This friendship will start to fill a void that already existed in the relationship, as all relationships have some holes, and as this void get filled the person will start to feel that their spouse is not good enough and compare them to the friend. “She listens to me and my wife doesn’t” or “my husband is so critical of me and my friend likes me just the way I am.” Once this starts, it is hard to go back and someone is eventually going to end up hurt in the end.

Many people feel that becoming emotionally involved is worse than becoming intimate and would have an easier time forgiving their spouse for having a one night stand rather than years of emotional involvement. Emotional involvement takes much time and attention that should be given to a relationship in order for it to survive. If a man is spending all his extra time emailing, texting, or talking on the phone to someone other than his wife than he is obviously not spending enough of his extra time with her. Both of them will become emotionally “checked out” of the marriage as they grow farther and farther apart.

If you find yourself asking the question if what you are doing is cheating or not, then there is a good chance it is. If a man has a good friend that is a girl and his wife knows about her and doesn’t feel like there is anything wrong with the friendship, then it might be ok. But if you are hiding a friendship from your spouse and you feel that if she knows she will think you are cheating, then you are probably doing something wrong. If a spouse feels that an emotional relationship is cheating, it is cheating. Also if a friendship has to be kept a secret, it is cheating.