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Oscar is the baby chimpanzee in the movie. He is happy and content with his mother until one day he is orphaned when she is injured and never returns. When none of the other chimpanzee mothers are willing to take him in, he is left to fend for himself until suddenly the leader Freddy takes him under his wing and starts to teach him everything he knows.


Freddy is the alpha male in a pack of 35 chimpanzees. He is old and wise and leads his troop through the jungle to find the much needed food and shelter they need. He is a good leader and proves that even further when he decides to take on the little orphan that no one else would care for.

Oscar and Freddy

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May 15, 2012

Chimpanzee (2012) - Review
My children were very excited to see this movie, especially the 8 and 5 year old. We took a total of six people to see it, ages 48 5 and everyone enjoyed it. I would recommend this to anyone except children under the age of 4. I think they would not only be very bored, they may get a little scared with some of the scenes where the chimps fight and hunt.

The directors, Fothergill and Linfield, do a wonderful job capturing this story on film. I think it is truly amazing that they were able to capture the rare occurrence of the alpha male adopting the little orphan chimp. To make things more interesting they add narration by Tim Allen where he does a great job of adding a little spice and humor to the story. I really enjoyed the many scenes of time lapse photography. This movie was great in every aspect. Kudos to Disney, they did a great job with this one.