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In 2011 there were 3.954 million births registered in the United States. Of this number, 329,797 were to teens between the age 15 to 19 and 7,651 to women age 45 to 49.

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God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.
~ Jewish Proverb

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Ideas to spoil mom on Mother's Day include:

Moms are special and deserve to be spoiled in every way!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day from Need Great Info

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The 5 Things You Can Do Immediately To Stop Binge Eating

five tips to stop binge eating foreverYou know that horrible feeling you get when youíve screwed up your diet yet again even though this time you were SURE things were going to be different? Donít you hate to keep going round and round on the binge cycle not-so-merry-go-round? I still canít believe how long I actually did this over and over again. For 45 years I spent my life sticking to diets very strictly only to soon cave in and devour everything in sight which sometimes turned into gaining as much as 9 lbs. in 3 days! Read More

Every mother deserves to be queen for one day

Mother's Day flowersMotherís Day is supposed to be a very special day for all women who have ever given birth to or raised a child. If you are reading this, you have a mother and if you are fortunate enough to still have your mother with you than it is your duty to do whatever you can to let her know you love her and honor her on Motherís Day. I have heard many people say they donít celebrate Motherís Day because, like Valentineís Day, itís just another way for America to get people to spend money. That is probably true but, since pretty much forever, mothers have been honored on one specific day just so they are sure to know they are appreciated and loved. It is a day of honor and does not have to be about the money. If a Mother does not feel special or loved on Motherís day, she will fell neglected and sad even if she pretends it didnít bother her that you didnít call or send her a card. Read More

How to Stop Binge Eating Without Relying on Willpower

Willpower vs. Wantpower. What are you willing to do?When you think of how to stop binge eating and lose weight, one of the first things that probably crosses your mind is gearing yourself up to find the willpower to stick to a diet. It seems like you need willpower not only to follow the diet plan but also to commit to starting an exercise plan, and to endure other difficulties for an extended period of time in order to put an end to the insanity of yo-yo dieting and food addiction. And what happens if you do get to your goal weight and stop bingeing? Then you likely feel that you have to try to maintain the same level of willpower to prevent yourself from gaining all the weight back and having those old habits return to haunt you. All binge eaters have experienced these struggles. Read More

People Are Addicted to Food

Are you addicted to food?Obesity has become an epidemic in America with 66% of Americanís being classified as overweight or obese. There is no known cause for this but we can assume that the exposure we have to calorie-dense foods and too little activity has a hand in it. I read an article that suggested once people start eating certain foods, they can become addicted to it. The person then has no choice but to come back for more as the dopamine levels in the brain actually drop causing the person to never feel satisfied. Read More

Dietary Supplements are a Waste of Money

Dietary Supplements vs Fruits and Vegetables: What will you choose?Approximately 160 million Americans are taking dietary supplements in the United States but are they really making us healthier. A set of surveys done from 2003-2006 show that supplement use was up by 14% from 1988-1994, with Multivitamins being the most popular among them. A survey of 900 doctors showed that 51% took supplements themselves, while 79% recommended supplements to their patients. In 2009 Americans spent a total of $26.9 billion on dietary supplements, with $1.9 billion being on vitamins alone. With increased media and advertisement exposure there is growing popularity among supplements. In 1994 Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, giving supplements their own regulations and giving the companies more freedom to advertise their products. Research on supplements is very difficult and anytime there are positive results, the media focus on this promoting the product to the consumer. Read More

Bye Bye Bed Bugs

Bounce bed bugs right out of your home!Bed bugs are becoming a growing problem all around the United States. If you live in an apartment you can almost bet you will get them if your neighbors get them. Unfortunately, the neighbors on the other side of the wall from us were not the cleanest people (not to say you only get bugs if you are dirty) but they had all sorts of bugs. They had to move a while back and the apartment complex gutted their apartment to remodel it. This proved to be a nightmare for us as all those little creatures felt they needed a place to go. As you can imagine, I threw a fit and the apartment complex started sending some bogus pest control company to come and spray every week. Anyone who has used any of these small companies knows that they donít work for crap. I wouldnít doubt they are spraying water just to gain more weekly business. It was time to take matters into my own hands as things were getting worse. Read More

Ice Cream vs. Greek Yogurt In a Smoothie

In a smoothie, what's better ice cream or greek yogurt?I have a new love and itís Greek Yogurt. I had heard so many good things about it and finally got the gumption to try it out. There were a couple different kinds including plain, vanilla, honey, and honey with strawberry. I bought the honey flavored since I planned on using it in a smoothie. I normally use Vanilla Ice Cream in my smoothies but that adds so many extra calories, I wanted to try the yogurt instead. When I compared the calories between the two, the Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream I use is 160 per Ĺ cup while The Greek yogurt is 160 per 4oz. This proves to be exactly the same since there are 8oz in a cup. Comparing the fat content, the ice cream has 70 calories from fat while the yogurt has 90 calories from fat. Knowing this, what is the benefit of switching from ice cream to yogurt in my smoothie? Read More

The Dangers of Drinking Soda

Glass of sodaIt is no secret that soda contains alarming amounts of sugar and has absolutely no nutritional value what so ever. The soda companies are the number one user of refined sugar. Each can of soda contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar. Thatís over 100% of the recommended daily allowance a person should have in a day. Even though itís no big secret how bad soda is, it still makes up ľ of all drinks consumed in the US each year. Soda has been called many things such as, toxic, poisonous, lethal and venomous. It is linked to osteoporosis, obesity, tooth decay, heart disease and many more health problems. If we take a look at the main ingredients in a soda, it will give us a better idea of just how bad it really is. Read More

When she cheats

A man coming home from work to find his wife cheating on him.When I think of cheating, I picture a man cheating on his significant other. I am pretty sure this is the case for most of us. In all actuality, women cheat more than we think. It is just a subject less talked about, mainly because men are less emotional about it than women. I recently saw a news story that was talking about the fact that women cheat more than we want to admit. Iím not sure what the 19% is out of but this got me thinking about all my friends. I can easily think of several of my girlfriends that have cheated at least once. Thatís just the ones I know about. Read More

Parents do not babysit their children

A parent should be willing to spend as much time with their child as it takes to raise them properly.As a woman I am going to write this article from a womanís perspective but really it can go both ways because when two people make a baby it is the responsibility of both parents to raise the child. Unfortunately, it doesnít always work that way. Any woman, who has a child, has a man in her life that helped her create that child. Raising that child together unfortunately, is always an option for either parent. Read More