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52 Week Challenge Results

Week 1 ~ Cleaning out the Closets

Week 1 CompleteComplete! Week 1 of 2014 was a success and I can honestly say I now have a clear mind. If you missed this weeks challenge, you can see it in the article. Read About it Here

Week 2 ~ A Week With No Electronics

Week 2 CompleteComplete! Week 2 of 2014 was amazing and life altering. I highly encourage everyone to give it a try at least once. If you missed this weeks challenge, you can see it in the article. Read About it Here

Week 3 ~ Stretching Routine

Week 3 CompleteComplete! Well, sort of. This week proved to be difficult for me but there is still a lesson to be learned. Read About it Here

Week 4 ~ Volunteer at an Assisted Living

Week 4 In ProgressIn Progress! The assisted living where my Grandmother used to live apparently does not allow volunteers. I was waiting for a phone call back to get confirmation on that but the lady that was supposed to return my call never did. Therefore I am working on finding another place to volunteer. I will keep you posted as soon as I complete this task.

Week 5 ~ Eating Healthy for a Week

Week 3 CompleteComplete! Even though this task is complete it is definitely not over. I plan to keep this up as much as possible. Read About it Here

Week 6 ~ Positive Thoughts

Week 6 CompleteComplete! This was a wonderful task. It's amazing how much a thought can change your whole day. Read About it Here

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52 Weeks of Love, Inspiration, and Organization

52 weeks of love inspiration and organizationAs I sit and focus on the New Year and think about resolutions that never get resolved, I was trying to come up with a plan that would actually help to make improvements throughout the entire year. Then I started thinking about what kind of improvements I would like to see. Of course thereís the typical get into shape and get organized but then there are also goals I want to make that will not only improve my life but also the lives of others. As a natural born care giver, I am always and have always been concerned with the well being of others. With that, I have developed a plan. Not only for myself to follow but for anyone who would like to join me. Read More

Positive Thoughts for a Positive Life

Think Positive, Be PositivePositive thinking is powerful enough to change a personís day. When you are having a bad day, have you ever noticed that everything seems to go wrong at once? Itís almost as if one thing feeds off the next. In a way this is exactly what is happening. Our brains are more powerful than we can ever imagine and we actually have the power to shape the outcome of our day. By thinking happy thoughts and having a more positive outlook on things, we are able to control what kind of day we are going to have. Now does this mean that nothing bad is ever going to happen? Of course not. But the way we react when something bad happens will determine what happens next. Read More

Eating Healthy for a Week

Healthy Eating, an everyday habit.The main key to eating healthy is planning, planning, and planning! If meals are not planned, you will be scrambling to get meals at the last minute and end up eating whatever is fast and convenient. This greatly increases the chance of eating fast food or processed food. If each meal is planned out ahead of time, it will be the fastest solution for you when you are hungry and tired since it will be planned already. This takes some discipline on your part as you will need to do this at least once a week to plan for the entire week or at the end of the day for the next day. For me planning out meals once a week works better because life seems to get in the way too much of the time. If I can just sit down sometime during the weekend and plan the entire week I will actually do it. Read More

Failing Doesn't Make You a Failure

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely. ~ Henry FordI figure I can easily tell you I stretched everyday this week and that I feel wonderful and relaxed. Truth is, I failed at this challenge miserably. I swear for me, this was harder than giving up electronics. The first two days went great and my daughter and I stretched every morning and it did feel wonderful. Then the next morning we were running late and didnít have time to do it. That night I fell asleep on the couch and upon peeling myself off, in the middle of the night, to drag myself to bed there was no way I was going to stop to stretch. Unfortunately I then came up with an excuse every morning and every night. Read More

A Week Without Electronics

Give up electronics for a week. Can you do it?This week without electronics was very uplifting. I actually found myself to have more energy as I spent less time in the chair and more time doing things. I played tons of board games, read more often, and my house hasnít been this clean in a while. The third day was the hardest as I had nothing to do when I came home from work and no one else was home yet. I was tired and wanted so bad to sit on the couch and watch tv. Thatís when I started cleaning and refused to give in to temptations. It got much easier from here. Read More

Sample Static Stretching Routine

Week 3 ~ Static stretching routineTo ease tension that can happen while sleeping we will start with side to side neck stretches and then do a few neck and shoulder rolls. Begin by sitting cross-legged on the floor. Bring your left ear over to your left shoulder and hold for 30 seconds then repeat on the other side. Relax for a moment and then roll your shoulders to the back for about 30 seconds, and then to the front for about 30 seconds. Then lift your shoulders up to your ears, tensing the muscles, and allow them to drop completely. This helps to relax the neck muscles. Bring your chin to your chest and begin rolling the neck to the left and roll all the way around until the chin is back at the chest. Repeat in the other direction. Repeat this entire process at least one more time. Read More

Cleaning out the Closets

Before image of cleaned out closetIf there is one thing I learned this week, itís that it is really hard to take a picture of the inside of your closet. I live in a somewhat small apartment so I donít have too many closets but I do have one major walk-in, pain in the butt, catch all hall closet. For many years that I have lived here the closet has stayed nice and organized for quite some time until one day, something happened and it became the catch all pit to hell. Somehow it became my go to place for when I didnít know what to do with something I would just open the door and place, *cough* throw *cough*, it inside. Soon it grew to be such a jungle it was no longer a walk-in closet but a crawl-in or rather a donít-dare-go-in closet. For at least a year and a half, this closet has been out of control like this and it has been bothering me beyond imagine. Read More

The Virtual Girlfriend Epidemic

Real love vs. Virtual loveI was recently visiting the app store on my phone looking for a neat anatomy app I read about online. Yes, I am fascinated by anatomy and physiology. What I found however was rather disturbing to me. Apparently there IS an app for everything. The particular app that caught my eye today is a virtual girlfriend named Jenny. I may live a sheltered life but I had no idea these existed. There is a free version or for $1.89 one can have the much fuller version. This particular app only has just over 1,000 downloads but after looking into this further I have found that there is a whole bunch of these apps. There is one where you can control her moves by touching her. This one must be pretty popular as there are over 100,000 downloads. You can actually get a boyfriend or a family also. Iím sorry but Iím getting very creeped out by this. Am I alone here? Read More

21st Century Stress, Cortisol and the American Obesity Epidemic

It could be stress that is making you fatUnfortunately, the 21st century is full of stress. A personís body is built to withstand stress, which is not always a good thing. There are many changes that go on with different hormones being released and so on. With all these changes come things such as a lowered metabolism. The problem with stress is that it affects a personís body in so many ways it doesnít know how to handle it. Read More

Dude, your breath stinks!

Dude, your breath stinks!Have you ever been talking to someone and their breath smells so bad? You actually could smell it from across the room and caught yourself wincing as you noticed them starting to make their way toward you. Have you ever had your own breath smell so bad you can smell it yourself? Iím pretty sure my 16 year old sister is the only one bold enough to tell me ďyour breath reeksĒ. I wonder how many times I have been talking to someone and they canít wait to get away because, letís face it, my breath smells sometimes too. Read More

Hepatitis B Vaccine: Worth it or Not

Baby looking at syringe in disbelief.You're putting that where?How many of us vaccinate our children? Most of us do it without a second thought. We are taught from the beginning that without vaccination we risk killing our children. If we decide not to, we are looked at as if we are the worst parents in the world. When a parent is at the hospital and has just experienced all the emotions of having a baby the nurses suddenly take the baby away to perform all the routine procedures on them. Including giving them their first vaccination, hepatitis B. Most of us never even question what is actually in that vaccination or why they are actually receiving it. We do it because it is the norm. Forget about the papers that come with the vaccinations explaining the complications and consequences of the baby receiving these shots. They hand these papers to us and say donít worry there is no chance any of this will ever happen to your baby but sign here just in case it does. How many of us have actually read the papers that come with the vaccinations? I personally read quickly through them without paying much attention because I knew it was ďa mustĒ for my baby. But is it? Why do we trust someone we donít even know? Read More

Truly Grateful for Grace

For by Grace We have been SavedWhat does that mean? I sit here reflecting on the many changes I've had over the past several years, I have to only think of them in a positive light. I would not be the person I am today if I experienced things in any other way. All the things that came as a blessing - new skills, jobs, new love, friendships, growth, deeper connections. All the things that seemed terribly painful at the time - heartache, loss, sadness, divorce, detachment, and feeling isolated. I look back on the choices I made in each moment - to choose with an open heart or to choose based on fear. Read More

When she cheats

A man coming home from work to find his wife cheating on him.When I think of cheating, I picture a man cheating on his significant other. I am pretty sure this is the case for most of us. In all actuality, women cheat more than we think. It is just a subject less talked about, mainly because men are less emotional about it than women. I recently saw a news story that was talking about the fact that women cheat more than we want to admit. Iím not sure what the 19% is out of but this got me thinking about all my friends. I can easily think of several of my girlfriends that have cheated at least once. Thatís just the ones I know about. Read More

Tips on picking the right smart phone

Selection of SmartphonesSmart phones are the latest and greatest thing these days. Almost everyone has one or wants one but there are so many choices. The question on most peopleís mind, is how to pick the right phone. There are many advantages to having a smart phone, whether itís for email, texting, surfing the web or even gaming. The problem is, if you donít pick the right one you may end up stuck with a really expensive phone you hate for at least two years. There are many tips to consider when choosing the right smart phone. Read More

Never Too Old to Begin Again

It's never too late to be what you might have been. ~ George EliotI recently was introduced to a lady with an interesting story and a great ambition and drive for life. She is now 74 years young and still building a life that she started recreating at the age of 68. With only one 2 hour beading class she has grown a business that has, over the years, grown from a hobby to a company that has sold over 2,000 necklaces and holds 15 - 20 craft shows a year. Roz has gone from being a technophobe to creating a website, email marketing, and all the social media platforms for her business and through it all, become a business woman. She reinvented herself after 68 years and is a great example that it is never too late to follow your dreams and passions. Read More

The 5 Things You Can Do Immediately To Stop Binge Eating

five tips to stop binge eating foreverYou know that horrible feeling you get when youíve screwed up your diet yet again even though this time you were SURE things were going to be different? Donít you hate to keep going round and round on the binge cycle not-so-merry-go-round? I still canít believe how long I actually did this over and over again. For 45 years I spent my life sticking to diets very strictly only to soon cave in and devour everything in sight which sometimes turned into gaining as much as 9 lbs. in 3 days! Read More