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Melissa Lahti

Melissa Lahti is an experienced writer that has many life changing  experiences she would like to share in hopes everyone can either learn from her mistakes or at least use some of her knowledge to guide them on this path we call life. From having her first child at the age of seventeen to being a single mother of four, Melissa has been through a lot. She has worked in healthcare since 2005 and is currently pursuing a degree in Adult Fitness and Exercise Science with a minor in Nutrition. Life brings us so much joy and pain at the same time if we can find a way to share our experiences with others just maybe it can help to bring more of the joy and less of the pain. Every day is a new and unique life learning experience with much to share and learn. Contact Melissa Here

Julie Latz

Julie Latz: Certified Food Psychology CoachJulie Latz is certified as a Food Psychology Coach through The Spencer Institute. Her clients rave about her simple yet powerful process to conquer binge eating disorder. Applying Julie’s 3 step method will help you to end binge eating quickly and safely so that you can stop obsessing over food and diets and start living again. After overcoming 45 years of suffering with binge eating disorder, Julie discovered a highly effective method to lose over 50 pounds and take control of her eating so that she now enjoys whatever food she wants while never feeling deprived and never feeling the urge to binge. She coaches others how to achieve that freedom for themselves. Julie teaches people how to make yo-yo dieting and deprivation a thing of the past. Contact Julie Here


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